4 Benefits of joining a book club

1- It’s a great way to make friends

Joining a book club may give you the chance to make new friends. There is always a chance of making friends when there are weekly meetings involved. In Yin book club for example we meet every Sunday at 8 pm, it gives the members a chance to talk about what we have read during the week and then share their perspectives of what they’ve read and their opinions. They can either agree or disagree with each other either way amazing friendship can grow from these conversations. Not everyone will get along and that is okay too, but any time you are putting yourself out there and creating experiences with people and sharing stories there are chances of building friendships. And because Yin book club is online based, you may be able to connect with people from different places. You already have something in common, like liking books and being in a book club! 😉

2-It may help you get out of your comfort zone

If you’re a person who is shy or maybe someone who is extremely homebody meeting new people may not always be easy. Yin book club meets weekly via chat to give the member the comfort of being able to chat from anywhere. I wanted people to feel comfortable enough to be expressive. Yin Book club was created as a safe place, a place to escape for a few and enjoy the moment whether it’s reading or chatting with other people reading the same book as you, it’s an escape from everyday life. Some people are really shy but feel comfortable speaking and being expressive because is chat based instead of in person or video, maybe in the future one of those or both can be available, who knows. 

3-It helps you obtain a different perspective

Sometimes we read something and think about it a certain way, but when we hear someone else’s opinion it may change our perspective and the way we look at it. It happens to me all the time in the book club meetings where I have a certain idea about what I read and then I am fascinated by how differently someone else interpreted it. A lot of times you hear new ideas that would’ve of came to mind. 

4-Book clubs can help you commit to reading

In Yin book club we read 4 chapters every week and it was set up this way so it can be realistic for all the members of the club. We also meet every Sunday (via chat group) at 8PM, Ideally by Sunday 8 pm all the members should’ve read the 4 chapters that were up for reading for that week. It’s not always possible or even realistic to always be on top of the reading but having a set number of chapters to read each week and having a set date and time to meet and discuss it sort of puts pressure on you to read, the good kind of pressure 😉 we promise!